Types And Uses Of Direct Mail Services In An Organisation

Direct mail is a very powerful business tool and it is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. It is quite effective, although comes with a bit of a hassle, however, if you were to hire the mailing services in Tucson, AZ, things like this would be made easier as they will provide you with full service, from insights to design printing and even advertising.

Sending a physical mail to someone is somewhat personal and, tactile and when it is well-targeted and executed in the right way, it yields the right result. This result is gained at a cost where you do not even have to break your pocket or crack open your safe.

For direct mail marketing to be effective, you will need to be able to access the database of your prospective clients. You should know that direct mail marketing deals with a target audience and allows you to have room for creativity, especially when it comes to customising the things you put out.

Services near meTypes of direct mailing

  • Classic package. This is the most common type of direct mail. It involves a standard envelope enclosed with a letter and a response form such as a donation form. It also includes additional mail pieces such as brochures, flyers and announcements. You can easily personalise the mails you send out and customise the letter and additional mail within.
  • Newsletters. This is another type of direct mail and it is most effective with existing members and donors as supporters of your organisation or brand. It can contain a variety of content from the latest achievement of your organisation or brand to the new projects you are working on. It gives your customers the latest news and recent happenings in your organisation and keeps them up-to-date.
  • Self-mailer. Compared to the classic package, self-mailers are usually sent without an envelope. They are relatively cheap and usually involve one piece of large paper folded to a smaller size.
  • Postcards. This is also another cost-effective form of direct mailing, and although they have size ranges, they are usually small and allow for cheap shipping rates. They contain short, appealing and personalised messages.
  • Catalogues. This is best used when you want to acquire donations for your organisation. They are a great way to acquire new members to your already existing members.

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