Wide Application of Industrial Washing Machine

With the rapid development of building industry and glass production, Glass deep processing industry has also grown widely. This article mainly describes the broad application of horizontal glass washing machine in the glass sector.

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  1. Notion of glass washing machine

As the specific equipment applied in glass industry, glass washing machine Machines are used for drying and cleaning original glass sheets. In accordance with cleaning method, it may be distinguished vertical glass washer vertical glass washing machine and flat glass washer. Due to the restriction of glass size and vertical structural, at current vertical glass washing machine is important used for creating I.G. unit with aluminium spacer.

  1. Wide application of horizontal glass washing machine
  2. Cleaning program for ordinary glass

The cleaning procedure for flat washer for normal glass is easy relatively. The tanks could be feed with industrial water without heating. Since the surface of glass has not been made any remedy, there is not any special requirement for the brushes onto the glass washer. At exactly the exact same time, there’s also no too restrictive requirement for water PH. in regards to the air-conditioning design, we could embrace normal structural but must see to it that the wind power could be corrected in gia may giat cong nghiep. Broadly, the mill could use middle or small washing machine to perform the cleaning and drying job for uncooked piece of glass.

  1. Cleaning program for warm-edge insulating glass

For the creation of warm edge insulating glass with elastic spacer, Such as duality or dorsal or super spacer, the cleaning demands into the raw glass sheets are higher. Operators should ensure the great drying and cleaning for surface so as to conveniently create the spacer bonding to the subsequent measures, meanwhile, avoiding surface scrape. This sort cleaning equipment is made up of feeding section, washing machine, drying section and output section and at the washing machine, there are three tanks that feature of biking heating water with the acceptable PH 6-9, meanwhile, the machine must be set up with high quality rubber transport rollers to prevent glass scratching.

  1. Cleaning program for coated glass

Before washing coating glass from the flat washing machine, we should take into consideration the option of brush and water quality. In cleaning procedure, the coated glass sheets should not quit under brushes to avoid damaging the movie. As the hardness of each brush could differ, we should check the movie after cleaning to confirm if the brush do any damage on the surface of glass or not. When we wash the MSVD low-e coated glass, the best approach is not to utilize recycled water, since these films are extremely sensitive to the PH value, if using recycled water, operators must monitor water PH value constantly.

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