Durian Musang King Fruit As Aphrodisiac!

This fruit is named Durian that is also called the king of fruits in south east Asia. First, let us have a little overview about this fruit. The fruit named Durian by look is big and its husk is covered with thorns so it is extremely important to handle it with care to avoid injury to yourself. This fruit also has powerful odor that has contradicting effects to individuals. Some folks are lure by its odor while others despise it especially to those men and women who have first experience with the fruit. Its odor is so intense that bringing this fruit is illegal in hotels, hospitals and other public areas in some Asian countries. Last, this fruit has a rich and mild sweet buttery flavor that no other fruit could be compared to. To people who have tried eaten this fruit will get an impression that its smells like hell but taste like paradise.

Now That this fruit was introduced, lets now concentrate on into the main topic. Does this fruit have an aphrodisiac effect? A good deal of people who I know in my own hometown that absorbs Durian during its harvesting period particularly in the month of August states that it actually has an aphrodisiac effect. After swallowing this fruit, they stated they believe their body warms up and since they consume more and more, their body heat increases to the extent that a number of experiences excessive sweating while some even have a bath simply to cool their body temperature durian musang king. Sarong by the way is a clothes that is a long tube of cloth that is often wrapped around the waist and worn as a kilt by men and as a skirt by girls. So you probably get the idea what is going to happen to guys who eat this fruit.

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