What To Do With Frozen Tofu Cubes

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 Here, they are not the ones you are expecting. No, it is not the fermented one from soya beans. These are fish tofu cubes that are used for making dishes as an appetizer. When you buy frozen tofu cubes, what do you expect to do with them? Here are some instructions and the method of serving as well.

Air Frying

Add the required seasonings into the container with the fish cubes. Getting the cubes are not difficult but that does not mean you need to waste your time on it when you get a frozen packet. Once you have added the seasoning, make sure to marinate them according to the requirement. After that, just fry them using an air fryer. They are often served with mayonnaise.

Steamed In Soup

The frozen cubes are only just fish tofus being cut and frozen in the shapes of a cube. This is easier for storing the cubes. Since they are only just frozen meat, you can even steam them in soup to add flavour to the soup. The fish tofu soup is easily one of the most flavoured dishes, with all the seasonings and the meat that is shimmered over the light flame. Served best when hot and straight off steam. Can go with salt and pepper according to the requirements.

Baked With Oven

If you want to use these tofu cubes as just an appetizer and you have a lot more planned for the night, then there is a way for that as well. You can simply microwave them, or bake them using a toaster or oven. This is best served hot as well, with any sauce that can satisfy your tastebuds.

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